About Us

"Allah makes the way to the Garden easy for whoever treads a path in search of knowledge"
(Sahih Muslim 21/17).

Welcome to Islamic Ayat… The home of authentic Islamic literature.

We have used our personal experience of finding Islam to build a library of books that fulfil the knowledgeable requirements of our religion. We have asked Muslim brothers and sisters to recommend the books they found most inspirational on their journey to the deen and we have incorporated them into our website.

We have filtered through the abundance of literature to bring you some of the most helpful and important works of our time. We have sourced books from around the world from a wide selection of publishers to bring you all the titles to guide you on your path in one place.

Walking the path to enlightenment can be a lonely journey without companionship and support. We endeavour to help our brothers and sisters on their journey through books, reviews from fellow Muslims and recommendations of titles.

We look forward to receiving your input in order to make our website a helpful guide to Muslims across the world.

Please contact us with your comments and suggestions at info@islamicayat.com.

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